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On 30th of June 2024, give yourself a venture.


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The video of the Pistoia Abetone, the hardest 50km ultramarathon in Europe.
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20 October 1968 in the city of Mexico there is the marathon of the Olympic Games ..... Artidoro Berti former Italian national athlete at age 48 test for the first time the distance of what would later become the Pistoia-Abetone Ultramarathon. This is the incredible find that testifies to what happened

Ultime notizie

Ranking and diplomas

Ranking and diplomas of the 43rd edition you can find them ….here The official photos of the race instead of […]

Solidarity …. with photos

Thanks to the collaboration with the Onlus Regalami a smile, the Pistoia Abetone organization can offer a photo shoot for […]

Finish lines


Difficult to transfer a state of mind, telling of a tough race, which every marathon runner and ultra should have at heart to run at least once in life. To hear the voices of veterans encountered along the way, the hardest race of all: the endless climbs under the sun, the last 17 Km of pure infinite ascent, emblematically represent "the race", during which at each meter, to every step you have to deal with your head, legs and heart.


Do you think the 50 km is too demanding for your chances? Prepare a marathon in the fall? Are you stretching your usual race distance? Or do you want to have a good test in view of the next Pistoia-Abetone? Then the 30 km finish line in San Marcello can be your race !!!


At Le Regine, meeting point, we all line up punctually under the vault of departure: One shot and we leave. The multiple arms that push the wheelchairs have the color of victory, for everyone. I believe that the result that we organizers expect at each edition is not comparable to what we always live in again and as a discovery. There is no previous technicality (meetings, organization of transport, delivery of bibs ...) that here is an end in itself and that is not overcome by the lightness of the sounds, the faces, the words of our boys. At the end of this day, after the usual lunch that sees us all gathered, only a thank you is left.


The great success of recent years, a spectacular walk with free pace on the final kilometers. (Departure at 9.00 from San Marcello). Are you a non-agonist? A non-competitive? You also arrive in Piazza delle Piramidi and receive the Pistoia-Abetone medal.


Organized by the Cai section of Pistoia, it is an unmissable event for lovers of trekking: two days of travel, ten hours of walking and a scenario to live in the suggestiveness of the night hours. The group, made up of expert walkers accompanied by qualified Cai guides, moves from the PortaFranca refuge after a dinner and a short overnight stay to reach Abetone walking all night long through the trails and passes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines: from the Abetone refuge through the Valico del Cancellino, the Strofinatoio, the Scaffaiolo Lake, the Arcana Cross, the Paradiso View, the Balzoni, the Cima Tauffi, the Monte Lancino, the Open Book and the Mount Maiori.


Sede organizzativa

Nuova sede organizzativa della manifestazione:
Pistoia - Viale Adua 94/B

Tel. 389.6452997

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